The Program in Cultural Studies

Located jointly in the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Program in Cultural Studies leads the field of cultural criticism in Israel. Our strong commitment to interdisciplinarity enables a unique purchase over the cultural complexity of our times, and fosters vibrant academic and intellectual exchange.

Innovation is a key component of the Program with diverse new courses in innovative fields of knowledge being offered yearly. At the same time, we foster ongoing and sustained inquiry into a variety of research areas including space and migration; affect and the emotions; race, ethnicity, and power relations; gender and embodiment; practices of everyday life; and cultural change. We also offer expertise in visual and digital culture, consumer culture, popular culture, and disability studies.

Our students come from a broad spectrum of fields in the humanities and social science. They range from curators, designers and architects to activists, educators, and legal practitioners. The Program excels as an intellectual springboard enabling its graduates to access leading universities and cultural institution in Israel and abroad.

Unique Interdisciplinary Platforms

In recent years, the Program has created unique educational and research platforms that promote interdisciplinary research initiatives and peer-to-peer interactions:

In the Chavruta program, students work together in an independent group setting to research a specific subject of their choice. Recent subjects included: Visual Space; Marginal culture and Counterculture; Digital Culture

In our Practicum or internship program, students gain credit for serving as interns in leading cultural institutions in Israel, some include the Israel Museum, Jerusalem Cinematheque, The Israeli Center for Digital Art and many more

Lastly, The Culture Lab provides a platform for active, tangible, and collaborative knowledge-creation with professionals outside of the academic world. Our latest collabarations included the architect Mateo Pericoli who led a "LabLitArch" researching questions on place and space in architecture and literature.

Our Staff

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